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Have you ever wondered why you’re here? Do you feel like something’s missing? Are you seeking answers, but coming up empty-handed? Are limiting beliefs and self-doubt holding you back? If you want something more for your life, then this book is for you. 


“STEPPING STONES” will inspire you to:

- look at your life in a different way

- identify false beliefs and change self-sabotaging patterns

- find deeper meaning and purpose within your past

- develop greater belief in yourself and your abilities

- become who you are meant to become


Using her songs as a framework, Myrick takes you on a journey from loss, rejection, and self-sabotage to a meaningful life filled with love, acceptance, belonging, and purpose. Her inspiring and empowering message will motivate you to examine your own thought patterns. By understanding how your experiences are stepping stones to greater awareness and transformation, you will be inspired to find the hidden gifts and messages within your life. 


By the end of “STEPPING STONES" you will see your past, present, and future as you never have before.


As an accompaniment to her memoir, Michelle has recorded a full-length album of original songs - Songs from the "Song Series".

Both the book and the album stand on their own, and can be purchased separately. However, for a more enhanced reading and listening experience, it is suggested they be enjoyed together.

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