I'm very pleased to present my latest book - "Transform your Thinking - How to Make the RIGHT Choices for Your Life" as a downloadable eBook with a FREE follow-up online training based on its content (optional to attend).


With fresh new insights and actionable steps in this eBook, you'll connect the dots of your life like never before.


In doing so, you'll feel more empowered, confident, certain and assured about the choices you're making and the life you're creating.


If you're ready to make your thinking work for you rather than against you, then I hope my new eBook will assist you on your journey.

~ Michelle

In this eBook you'll learn:

- How to invoke personal autonomy for greater inner motivation and commitment

- How to get comfortable with change

- How to understand 'growth edges' and lean into them in order to move forward

- How to examine and question your thoughts

- How to tap into your own sense of possibility

- How to live in alignment with your core values and core beliefs

- How to recognize 'intuitive hits' and use them for guidance

- How to focus inwards using simple techniques

- How to identify and describe your inner advocate

- How to access and use your 'soul's compass' for guidance

In addition to these take-aways, you'll engage in the following practical exercises as you move through the book's content:

- identifying obstacles and clarifying challenges that stand between you and your desired life

- describing your dream in vivid detail

- recognizing mistaken beliefs or 'glitches' and how how to deal with them

- reframing your thoughts

The eBook plus a FREE follow up LIVE virtual training session based on the book's content can be yours for the low price of $9.99.




Get the eBook

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About the Author

Michelle Myrick is a multi-disciplinary artist (music, visual and literary) and a Transformational Coach. Through her company, AMMO Artworks, she has created programs, products and services that both inspire and motivate others to believe in their own potential. 

In her best-selling book - "Stepping Stones - From Self-doubt to Self-belief: How to Find Meaning and Purpose your Your Life", Michelle uses her original songs to chronicle her own journey of overcoming adversity by finding the lessons in her past, managing her thinking and uncovering her soul's purpose. She has also released a full album of those songs as an accompaniment to her book. In addition she has created, and produced a LIVE performance show about this work called "The Song Series" that she has delivered to audiences on the international stage.

Michelle has been called a visionary leader, a thought-provoker, and an empowerment teacher, however she prefers to call herself a late bloomer. In her own words: 


"Now that I've woken up, I can't sleep.

What I have seen, I can't un-see.

My job is to share, so you may see your own light.

Pain has a purpose, don't let it have been for nothing.

You are not broken, my friend.

You're being built."

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