"Energy Burst"

"Michelle captured the true essence of the conversation we had. Somehow, she managed to show the different phases of my life.

If her goal is to help people feel better about themselves, then she has accomplished that. To be honest, I was left speechless when I first saw my painting. It's impact on me has been very powerful.

I highly recommend that you speak to Michelle about getting your own Self-Worth Portrait done. You won't regret it."

~ Haukur


"This is my life! It shows everything that has happened to me from youth, through my first marriage, the birth of my children, a divorce, and now into my second marriage.

This painting gives me courage to continue my path with strength and the belief that I can succeed. I just know I will. 

Bless you Michelle for giving me the opportunity to look at my self-worth. I am very proud of my painting."

~ Beate

Compassion Continuum

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