Self Awareness Talk + Art

This 1-2 hour gathering focuses on sharing, learning, growing and expanding. Michelle uses art as a tool to facilitate  group discussion on a variety of self-awareness topics such as "Mind over Matter", "Overcoming Adversity Through the Power of Self-Belief", "Determination", "Integrity", "Courage", "Honesty"; or something similar. 

Once a topic has been chosen with the host, Michelle creates several pieces of art based upon it. Through using art as a vocal point, participants can more freely open up and express their opinions on the topic. The art provides a one-step-removed situation and thereby serves as a catalysis for a more deeper and meaningful group conversation. Participants leave feeling energized and renewed with a sense of purpose for their lives both personally and professionally. 

This type of event is not lecture-based. Rather it is a free flow discussion between audience members and the facilitator (Michelle). If you would like Michelle to address or present at your group function, see Keynote Speaking or Team Building Seminar section or simply contact her directly to discuss and co-create your unique one-of-a-kind event.