Host an Art Concept Party!

Looking to host a party with a difference? Look no further.

AMMO Artworks has several fun and interesting options. 


If either of these concept parties interests you, contact Michelle 

to customize and book your event. 


Talk + Art

A discussion about connection and ways to express it.

Helping others to believe in themselves is an integral aspect of Michelle's work. She weaves life's lessons into her paintings as symbols of possibilities. In doing so, each painting becomes a tool to explore the power of self-awareness.


This type of "Talk + Art" party stimulates group conversation about shifting our thoughts to work for us instead of against us.

Once a self-awareness topic is decided upon, Michelle will create several pieces of art based on that topic. Those art pieces will then serve as a tool to stimulate meaningful conversation among party attendees.

"Talk + Art" is a new and exciting concept which results in an evening of sharing and learning, growing and expanding.

"Song Series"


Storytelling, Music and Art

Michelle has been a professional singer, songwriter, and musician for most of her life.


Since discovering painting, she has looked for a way to combine her music with her art. The "Song Series" does just that.

Michelle has taken some of her original songs and painted them. The true impact of this show comes from her storytelling of what inspired each song, its meaning and lesson for her life, and how each painting was designed and created based on that.

House Concerts are a unique way to host an entertaining evening for you and your friends. You provide the space and chairs, and Michelle provides the show. Your home provides the perfect intimate setting for a moving and inspiring show such as the "Song Series".

Contact Michelle today to get more details, and to discuss a date for your "Song Series" House Concert. Presentations can also be made for work groups and organizations.

Explore Art

Explore the creative process.

Ever wonder where an artist's inspiration comes from? How do they develop concepts and designs?

An Art Exploration party is an opportunity to go behind the scenes and get an inside view of the creative process.

This type of party can take several forms depending on your preferences. Michelle can taylor her presentation to meet your needs. She also has a large network of other artist friends (sculptors, jewelry makers, ceramic artists; etc) that could join as co-presentors for your party depending on your preferences.

Contact Michelle today to customize your event.

Learn to Paint

Unleash your inner Picasso!

Paint parties have become a popular way to entertain with friends these days. 

Here's how they work:

You provide the space and Michelle provides the materials and instruction. Each participant pays a small fee and creates their version a scene which they can bring home. 

No previous painting experience required.... just a willingness to learn and have some fun.




Michelle has created a fun 2-hr workshop whereby attendees will be taken through a discovery and creative process. Each will complete a Vision Board (or road map for their dreams and aspirations) that they can take home.


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