My Story

I've been a singer/songwriter and musician for 35+ years, but just recently began to paint.


In 2017, I set up AMMO Artworks and began selling my paintings. By the end of that first year, I'd created 138 pieces and sold most of them. I'm proud to say that AMMO Artworks' pieces hang in homes throughout Norway, Denmark, UK, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, India, USA, and Canada.


In 2018, I created paintings based on some of my original songs, and then developed a live performance exhibition show called the "Song Series" that I still deliver internationally. 


Encouraged by "Song Series" audiences, in August 2019, I published "Stepping Stones" - a memoir that describes in more detail the experiences that inspired my songs and the lessons I learned from those experiences. I also released a full-length album of the songs as an accompaniment to the book. 


All of these things I never thought I'd ever do - now I've done them! Painting has allowed me to dig deeper into my past experiences to find layers of meaning and lessons for my life, and it has helped me to change how I perceive my past. 


The biggest lesson I've learned is that life can be very surprising and rewarding when you align your beliefs with your desires!

My Purpose

My purpose as an artist is to simply tell a story of transition from one place to another. By sharing my stories through songs, writings, paintings, events and courses, I hope to inspire YOU to believe in yourself - to fully believe that you can overcome any adversity you may be facing. I want you to know and feel that you matter. We all matter. We all have value. You have everything you need inside of you to create the life of your dreams ....it takes aligning your thoughts with your desires. You do this by fully understanding and believing that you are worthy.


In my humble opinion, art should inspire rather than impress - that goes for every form of art whether it's theatre, music, visual art, sculpture, writing; etcMy intention with everything I do is to guide YOU back to your own capacity for happiness, love, and success. I want YOU to feel inspired about your own life, not impressed by mine. That is not my purpose. 


I want you to experience yourself - your own life - through my paintings, songs, stories, events and courses, and become inspired to pursue your dreams by re-discovering who you truly are, and by believing you deserve to be happy and successful.

My Process

When creating, I seek to find an opening for emotional resolution. That opening is sometimes found in a song, or a painting, or a short story - or sometimes a combination of those. I don't always have control over how the emotional resolution gets expressed - it usually finds me and invites me to explore it.


No matter what medium I use, I seek a lesson from the personal experiences that have shaped my perceptions. Once I let that nugget of wisdom take flight outside of my body, I learn what it has come to teach me, and that's what I strive to share with you. 


The entire process can be quite emotional for me, but also cathartic and healing.


I share this new-found awareness of possibility with others because even though we're all very different, we all experience life from a similar emotional plane. It is these shared emotions that make everything relatable even if our circumstances are different. 

My Offerings

Everything I create is rooted in the philosophy and belief that we are enough; that we already have all we need to create a life of happiness - if we just believe in ourselves.


I invite you to browse through my different offerings to see what/if anything resonates with your personal experience. Here are some quick links to my available works, inspirational projects, and events, as well as courses and keynote speaking engagements. I try to write at least one blog posts a month, and most often they relate to a painting I've done, or centre around awareness and mindfulness topics.

I'm always available to answer any questions or queries you may have or to just chat, so please pop me an email. I'd love to hear from you.    ~ Michelle

Book/CD Reviews

"I purchased the Stepping Stones Album/Book bundle & it truly is amazing. I decided not to listen to any of the songs in advance but instead played each one as I followed along in that specific section of the book. I highly recommend doing this as it really connects you to what Michelle is experiencing at that point in time. Reading how the song came to be & then listening to her sing it as I followed along to the words it really gave me a clearer perspective."  ~ Lisa St. Croix

"I thoroughly enjoyed Michelle’s honest and heartbreaking story. She also speaks of resiliency, hope and recovery. I was touched by how she describes the great loves in her life. Great read!"  ~ Debbie Curtis

"An incredible story of tragedy and loss, coupled with triumph over self doubt. Michelle takes you on a very honest, and emotional journey, detailing the darkness that gripped her life for so many years and how she rose above it all. An intertwining of personal stories, and words of wisdom and inspiration - a must read!"  ~ Sherri Leighton

"Michelle shares her story as if we were sitting with a cup of tea and hearing it from deep within the walls of the home she grew up in. I cried at her deep losses and laughed at her sharp "Southern Shore" wit and and her ability to still find humour in tricky situations! It was so touching to see how Michelle navigated through those stepping stones to get to see the beauty and possibilities of this life despite the heartbreak and the hurdles.Her story is truly inspirational. Do yourself a favor and order a copy."  ~ Judy Squires

Art Reviews

"Michelle, I was beyond excited looking through your website. Whilst it's been years since I have seen you, I can see those years in your work. The pieces speak for themselves, but they also speak to you. I love the abstracts. The mood they evoke is one of excitement and anticipation. Your choice of color is a total representation of the abundance of light you have witnessed throughout your many travels. You have shown up on this new road as an old soul with centuries of experience that is reaching out from the canvas and drawing us in. It is as clear as water that you have arrived. You are happy and you are loved. I was taken in today as I looked at your work. It has been years since something has awakened me to that degree. Bravo." 

~ Sharon Sinnott

"I have been waiting in anticipation for my paintings to arrive. After you dropped them off today and I unveiled them, they are even more beautiful in "person"! The textures! I love love love them! Keep up the great work."

~ Margaret Ann McCarthy

"Michelle's art inspires me. Her art demonstrates for me the wisdom of the observation by James Baldwin that the purpose of art is to lay bare the questions which have been hidden by the answers. That is why her work is on my walls and will stay there forever."

~ Noel Daley

The "Song Series" Reviews

The "Song Series" has been performed in Canada and Norway with invitations to take it to other parts of Scandinavia, Europe and the Middle East. 

Full description, media articles and interviews, as well as pictures and audience reviews can be found in the "Song Series" section/pages on this site.

If interested in booking a "Song Series" performance for your group or event, please email Michelle to check availability. 

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