50 in 50 Subscriber's Promotion

Create. Inspire. Transform. These three words underlie everything I do as an artist including this promotion.


50 in 50 was a promotion whereby I had originally set a goal to create 100 paintings in 100 days. However I ended the promotion on Day 50 simply because I had to prioritize my studio time for larger projects that were knocking on my door. I offered these paintings only to my website subscribers. The cost of the daily painting correlated with that day's number.  I'm happy to say that 43 of those pieces found new homes.


My motivation was to make my art accessible at an affordable price while at the same time expanding my audience and building a community of people who appreciate art and creativity in general. I also wanted to hold myself accountable to create at least one piece every day. 


My subscribers told me that they really looked forward to seeing the daily paintings. Some even set their alarm so they wouldn't forget to check their emails at the precise time of each daily email because most of these paintings sold within the first 5 minutes. It became a very friendly competition to see who could get a response into me first. I may offer something similar to subscribers again in the future. Become a subscriber if this interests you. 


Below are the 50 paintings in this daily series which ran from November 1st - December 20th, 2017.