Hello and welcome to my corner on the web. I'm Michelle and I'm a maker of things. As a visual artist, singer/songwriter, author, and teacher I strive to find meaning and purpose from my life experiences and transpose the lessons I've learned into creative expressions.


Eliminating self-doubt and believing in one's capacity for happiness and prosperity are two of my biggest guiding principles. In addition to offering artworks (paintings, prints, cards, my new book and accompanying album of original songs), I also offer Team Building Seminars, Keynote addresses, Special Events, Courses, and Projects. 


Pop me a message if anything interests you. I'm readily available if you have any questions. I also invite you to join the AMMO community - see a list of benefits and a signup form at the bottom of this page or simply click the "Join the Community" button above.

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Early Reviews

“Stepping Stones” – From Self-doubt to Self-belief: Finding Purpose and Meaning For Your Life”, is a deeper dive into the events and circumstances behind the songs from the live "Song Series" show. In the book, Myrick uses her songs as a framework to take readers on a journey from loss, rejection, and self-sabotage to a meaningful life filled with love, acceptance, belonging, and purpose. As an accompaniment to the book, she has also recorded a full-length album - “Songs from the Song Series”, which was recorded, produced and mastered in Newfoundland earlier this year. 


Her inspiring and empowering message motivates those that receive it to examine their own thought patterns and life circumstances from a different perspective. Reviews and praise for the project are already rolling in:

“The songs are so are personal, yet at the same time relatable.”

 “The messages grab you and make you ask - Is she talking about my life?”

“I can’t wait to turn the page to see what happens next. Michelle definitely has the gift of storytelling.”

”Such courage and vulnerability! This book will do so much for so many”

"It is an awesome read. Michelle, you have delivered a masterpiece. ....be forewarned you may not be able to put it down once you start."

Meet the Artist

Did you know my legal first name is Anne? Many don’t, even if they’ve known me all my life. That’s because I’ve rarely used it, preferring instead to be called Michelle. When I married an Olsen, and was also searching for a company name, my new initials seemed to fit perfectly – AMMO Artworks was born! 


While we're not an ammunition company, we are armoured up, or 'ammo-ed' up against fear, self-doubt and false beliefs. 

I've struggled with self-doubt all of my life - now in my 50's, I'm finally beginning to accept and believe in myself - this changed when I changed my thinking.


If you've ever thought or felt: "I'm not good enough, smart enough, tall enough, skinny enough, rich enough", etc., I want you to know you're not alone, and that you most certainly ARE ENOUGH!


Here at AMMO Artworks, we're driven to create products and services that help shift perspectives.


Through all art-related activities and programs I aim to break down mental barriers of false beliefs - first for myself, and then for others by sharing what I've learned. The inspirational products and services my team and I create are designed with transformation in mind. There is a message and an invitation for change in everything we offer.  


We invite you to journey beyond the ordinary with us by joining our community of thought-leaders, transformational heroes, and wisdom warriors as we figure it out together through meaningful conversations, inspirational art, creative based programs and courses that teach us how to ammo-up against adversity, meet life's challenges, and believe in our own worth.....plus, if you become a member, you'll get lots of free stuff, special invitations, and meet some pretty darn cool people.... there's always that! 


Let's create, inspire, and transform together. AMMO-up your life today by filling out the form below.


Curious to know how this all started for me? You can read more on the "About" page.

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