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Hello and welcome to my corner on the web. I'm Michelle - I'm glad you stopped by.

If you have a question, or there's something I can help you with - pop me an email.

I'm a teacher by trade, a creative at heart and a transformational coach by practice.

I bring all these parts of myself to the creative process when designing events, programs, products, services and coaching courses.  Right now, I'm very excited to launch a brand new program: 

"Be the Lighthouse".

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"Stepping Stones"



"Songs from the Song Series"


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Early Reviews

“Stepping Stones” – From Self-doubt to Self-belief: Finding Purpose and Meaning For Your Life”, is a deeper dive into the events and circumstances behind the songs from the live "Song Series" show. In the book, Myrick uses her songs as a framework to take readers on a journey from loss, rejection, and self-sabotage to a meaningful life filled with love, acceptance, belonging, and purpose. As an accompaniment to the book, she has also recorded a full-length album - “Songs from the Song Series”, which was recorded, produced and mastered in Newfoundland earlier this year. 


Her inspiring and empowering message motivates those that receive it to examine their own thought patterns and life circumstances from a different perspective. Reviews and praise for the project are already rolling in:

“The songs are so are personal, yet at the same time relatable.”

 “The messages grab you and make you ask - Is she talking about my life?”

“I can’t wait to turn the page to see what happens next. Michelle definitely has the gift of storytelling.”

”Such courage and vulnerability! This book will do so much for so many”

"It is an awesome read. Michelle, you have delivered a masterpiece. ....be forewarned you may not be able to put it down once you start."

Michelle Myrick

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